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The Career Outlook is a great place to browse when considering your study and career options.

It contains education, employment, and income information on 1000+ occupations to give you a clearer picture of possible career paths.

The 20 Best Jobs

There's no such thing as the perfect job, because college graduates want different things. High salaries are important to some while others hope for a work/life balance. The jobs on this list offer high salaries in combination with flexible schedules and good prospects for advancement. Explore our top twenty list before you start the college application process.

Guaranteed jobs: Explore our site for programs with 100% job placement rates.

It's a tough economy, and it seems to be hardest on recent college graduates. You've probably read some gloomy statistics about college graduates who can't find work. The good news is that there are some educational programs with a proven track record of one hundred percent employment for all their graduates! We have put together a list of these career training programs. Consider them when searching for career training schools.

Programs with 100% Job Placement Rate

100% Good Work

The Gainful Employment Regulation and You

There's never been a better time to go to college! Spurred by the Obama administration, the United States Department of Education recently passed the "Gainful Employment Regulation," a legislative move that protects students at private colleges and universities. The Gainful Employment Regulation basically screens schools for you, so that you can enroll in a program, use Title IV funds to pay your tuition, and be reasonably confident that you will achieve gainful employment when you have earned you credential.

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