About Us

“CareerColleges.education” is a free online resource for future students. We are a search directory offering information on over 24,000 career training programs. We identify programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. That means that future students can research a program’s job placement rate, the occupations it prepares students for, the cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies, the program’s “median loan debt,” and on-time graduation rate.

The data collected is organized into college profile pages, making it easy for our users to access information.

We offer information on over a thousand occupations to give students a clearer picture of possible career paths.


Each “CareerColleges.education” school profile contains general information (location, teacher/student ratio, special learning opportunities, and more), information on campus life, financial aid and expenses, and, most importantly, detailed information on degrees and programs offered.

Each occupation’s profile reveals median pay, employment trends, and the “job zone” which indicates the amount of preparation needed to get started in specific career.


The home page prompts visitors to choose how they will search the site. You may, for instance, type in a college name or go to “Program Search” where you can search Title IV eligible programs by location, institution type, campus, area of study, degree type, program length, delivery, and costs.

When you have input your search strategy, you will see a list of programs that match your search.

To change the list of results, you need only choose from the list of filtering options on the left sidebar.

The home page also provides access to “Career Outlook”, a comprehensive database of occupational information.