Online Learning

Online classes meet the needs of many college students. You can wrap them around a full-time work schedule, you can work at your own pace, and you can attend a school on the other side of the state or the other side of the country. more …

In the good old days before we moved around the country a lot, most young people went through local high school and then looked around the region for a college or university to carry on learning. Not that many people crossed the country to continue their studies. more …

If you look at today’s job market, there’s an uncomfortable truth. There are not enough good jobs to go around. That has turned the job-seeking activity into a form of competition between all those without work or who want a transfer to the better paying jobs. more …

There’s considerable mythology about the status of online learning programs. Most of the misunderstanding stems from early prejudice against distance learning in general. more …

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