Software Developers, Systems Software

Occupation Group: Design/Pre-Construction; Information Support and Services; Interactive Media; Network Systems; Programming and Software Development
Median Pay & Employment Trends

Median Pay

$48.75 hourly

$101,410 annual


405,000 employees

Projected Growth

Faster than average (15%..21%)

Projected Job Openings


Job Zone Four: Considerable Preparation Needed


In job zone 4, most of the occupations will require a bachelor’s degree, although some do not have this requirement.


These careers will require a significant amount of knowledge, experience, and work-related skills. For instance, a computer programmer will need to have four years of college and several years of work experience.

On-the-job Training

If you want to have a career in one of these occupations, you will need many years of job training, vocational training, or work-related experience.


These careers will typically involve some level of supervising, training, managing, or coordinating others. Some examples of these careers include: airline pilots, copy writers, credit counselors, financial analysts, library technicians, marine engineers, midwives, and music directors.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics & O*NET Online

"Projected growth" represents the estimated increase in total employment over the projection period (2012-2022).

"Projected job openings" represents predicted openings due to growth and replacement.

The "job zone" indicates the amount of preparation needed to get started in that specific career. The higher the job zone number, the more preparation you will need to begin that career. Experience, education, and on-the-job training are factored into job zone rankings.